Shelterforce Winter 2017-18
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Aligning Health Systems With Community Development ● Game of Chance ● Interview: Mark D. Constantine, Richmond Memorial Health Foundation ● Approaching Partnerships ● Using Art to Create Community at a Clinic ● Why Can’t You Just . . . ● Organizing for Hospital Community ● Not Just Partners, But Neighbors ● Tools of the Trade ● Financial Metrics Won’t Tell the Full Picture ● Reshaping Housing Policy With a Health Lens ● Miracle on 42nd Street: A Tale of Artist Housing ● Interview with Dawn Belkin Martinez ● Q: Can supporting community development improve outcomes for the health care sector? (The Answer)

Print issue cover photo: “Love is the Main Ingredient/Amor es el Ingrediente Principal” is a mural painted by members of Comunilife’s “Life is PreciousTM” program, a suicide prevention program in Brooklyn for at-risk Latina teens. The mural project was facilitated by Groundswell and the lead artist was Crystal Bruno. Photo by Terrence Hamilton II,
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