Shelterforce Spring 2018
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The State of Shared-Equity Homeownership • Inclusionary Housing in Soft or Mixed Markets • A Low-Cost Ownership Oasis in a Desert of Apartment Unaffordability • Back in the Game • Getting Ahead of Gentrification • What Does "Community Control of Land" Mean to You? • Rebellion Spurs Opportunity and a New Housing Movement • Review: The Gentrification Will Be Televised • Housing, Not Warehousing—A Victory 10 Years in the Making • Q: Why don’t people receiving rental assistance get a job? (The Answer tackles another oft-asked question) • AND • Health and Community Development pullout: Getting on Board • The Real Limits of Imaginary Lines

Print issue cover photo: Brandon McGoogan speaks to a crowd during the “Vacant House Art Takeover.” Photo courtesy of United Workers
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