Shelterforce Summer 2018
10.50 USD
Tenant Power! ● The Dark Side of Single-Family Rentals ● The Promise and Peril of HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration ● Presumed Guilty ● Dear Business School Professors: You’re Wrong, Rent Control Works ● Interview with Michael Bodaken of the National Housing Trust ● Section 8 Allowed ● Solutions to an Unjust Housing System ● A Cruel Choice ● Taking Residential Sexual Harassment Seriously: Tips for Nonprofits ● Despite Big Win Against Landlord, Tenants Still Face Eviction ● HEALTH AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SUPPLEMENT: Setting Aside Housing for Frequent Health-Care Users ● A Prescription for Electricity

Print issue cover photo: A young tenant joins almost 100 families and organizers to kick off the Burlington Unidos rent strike and to protest unsafe living conditions and extreme rent increases at their Los Angeles apartment complex. See story on page 6 of our print issue (“Tenant Power!”), or view online at