Shelterforce Fall 2018
10.50 USD
There’s Opportunity in Vacancy ● The Two Vacancy Crises in America’s Cities ● The States Are Where It’s At ● Making a Pipeline for Vacant Building Rehab ● Do It All ● 1, 2, 3, Activate! ● Funding Land Banks ● Greening Vacant Lots: Low Cost, Big Effect ● The Mission: End Childhood Lead Poisoning ● Public Land for Public Good ● The Dynamism of the Fair Housing Act ● Can Nonprofits Get Out the Vote? ● HEALTH & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SUPPLEMENT: Condemning Asthma, Not Homes ● Sitting on a Porch Can Be Good for Your Health

Print issue cover photo: This image is part of a series by David Schalliol, who photographed isolated buildings in Chicago that had no neighboring structures. For more, go to