Shelterforce Fall 2019
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It should be no surprise that transportation access is the No. 1 factor in lifting adults out of poverty, an often overlooked finding from the last several years’ wave of big data research into economic mobility, or the lack thereof, in this country. In this way, the question of transportation is directly bound up with the work of community developers, who are trying to further healthy communities and opportunities for people who have been marginalized.
We’re excited to share this collection of articles with you:

Blame Zoning, Not Public Transportation, for Displacement • Affordable Housing on Transit Land • Making Streets Safer for Everyone • Who Most Needs Access to Core Neighborhoods? • The Problem with On-Demand “Transit” • Using Ride-Hailing Services to Get Patients to Their Doctors • Integrating Arts and Culture Strategies into Transit Plans • A Successful Campaign to Get More Funding for Transit Improvements

Plus: Racial Diversity in Community Development Leadership: A Roundtable Discussion • Hospitals’ Struggles are Also an Economic Development Issue • Evaluating a Program’s Health Outcomes • Informal Gathering Spaces for Healing • Did Extending More Credit to Subprime Borrowers Cause the Foreclosure Crisis?